July 14, 2021

Interesting facts about human body

By lumb@admin

1- femur is the longest bone in the human body. The upper end or the head of the femur bone makes a joint that is called hip joint with the hip bone and the lower end which consists of condyles forms tibio-femoral joint, Fibulo-femoral joint and patello- femoral joint of the knee joint.

2. Sartorius is the longest muscle of the human body which is found in the lower limb. Usually it runs from the hip to the upper part of tibia.

3) Patella is a sesamoid bone which comes out of the tendon of the quadriceps muscles. Usually it is also known as knee cap. The patella glides over the condyles of femur and head of tibia bone and prevents abnormal gliding of tibia and femur.

4- Liver is be heaviest organ of the human body often weighing 1.2 kg to 1.5 kg. Liver is the chief organ which is responsible for breakdown of all the macro and micro molecules in the human body and secrets certain juices that helps in digestion of food which humans take.

5- the life span of red blood cells in human body is only 120 days. After 120 days the red blood cells die in the Spleen and new red blood cells which are called erythrocytes are formed and matured.

6)- Spleen is called graveyard of the human body. The red blood cells die in the spleen. The globin part of the haemoglobin is usually destroyed which is protein and haem that is iron part is preserved and re-circulated in the human blood stream.

7) Only the medial part of the human brain does not have collateral blood supply. There is only one artery that is Medial cerebral artery which supplies blood to the medial part of the brain. Usually clots occur in the medial cerebral artery since it’s lumen are narrower which leads to brain stroke. The blood supply of brain is called Circle of Willis.

8) A human body has 33 vertebrae of which 4 are fused and are called coccyx. Between every two vertebrae there is one fat filled sac is present which is called intervertebral disc.

9- Scapula is the flattest bone in the human body. It forms glenohumeral joint with the head of the humerus and provides great range of mobility at shoulder joint.

10) Heart is the first organ that is formed in the human foetus inside the womb of the female.

11) Clavicle or the collar bone takes longest time to ossify. Usually it takes 25 to 27 years to ossify completely in the human body.

12)- There are 13 clotting factors in human blood stream which work to form clots to stop bleeding from a cut or injury and hence preventing excessive blood loss.

13) Usually, it takes two years for a fractured bone to heal up completely.

14) During child birth, head of the foetus comes out first. However, at times the feets of the child comes out first in which case the strangulation of his/ her neck may occur with the umbilical cord leading to lack of oxygen which may cause cerebral palsy in babies and at times still birth.

15) Quadriceps muscles are 4 different muscles of the front of the thigh of human body with four different tendons of origin. However, they share the same or common tendon of insertion at tibia.

16) Triceps is a muscle with three heads and biceps is a muscle with two heads.

17) Glucose is the fuel of human body. Usually it is stored in the form glycogen in every cell of human body.

18) Ear pinna and nose tips are not bones They are soft fibrous cartilages.

19) Heart which pumps blood to different parts of the body has got its own blood supply through coronary artery.

20) Soleus muscle of the calf muscles is also called the second heart of the human body as it pumps back the blood of lower peripheral regions for purification in the lungs.