We live in a digital age. We can’t live without gadgets. Our lives depend on them whether be it for personal use or professional use, we are in front of a screen most of the time these days. Hence, our postures are deformed a bit and at times more than just a bit requiring severe medical attention. There are very few offices that look into employee ergonomics. Most of the time you are left with your own adjustment.

Plus the pandemic of covid. People working from home have to put in extra hours of work and with the lack of mobilities, text neck has become another non-highlighted pandemic.

So what’s the solution? Go back to stone age? No! Not at all. We are modern beings and we will prosper that way.

Here are some practical advises which you can do anywhere to prevent text neck;

-Avoid gazing at a screen as long as possible

-Do not use your laptop on your bed with backrest and neck bend down

-keep the screen always to your nose tip height

-shrug your shoulders every hour for 10 times while working to release muscle tension.

-Protract and retract your shoulders every couple of hours

-do neck muscles stretching everyday at least once.

-do shoulder and neck muscles strengthening exercises twice a weak.

-Eat protein, butter and ghee. (70%) of your meal should have these.