July 1, 2021

4 magical ways to increase your height.

By lumb@admin

Assuming that you are old enough to have seen a basket ball match at school, college or on tv, have you ever wondered how these players are so tall? It looks abnormal. Our friends and family members are not that taller (over looking some exception). Well there are no magic pills which these guy have access to. Neither they are abnormal. They were simple people like you and me.

However, their profession demanded their body to be of certain kind to succeed. Sports is a very competitive world and any edge over your competitors proves to be of monumental importance. Here’s what these guys do apart from sports specific training to increase their heights.

Anybody can follow these advises;

  1. STRETCHING- Stretch every muscle of your body. Our muscles have elastic properties. Stretching elongates them and keeps them at their natural length. Stretching also elongates the fascia (the pipe which contains the muscles).
  2. SLEEP- I know you like it. So go ahead and pamper yourself with atleast 7 to 10 hours of sleep. It relaxes your disc in-between every vertebrae and helps in height increasing.
  3. RUNNING- You have to put pressure on your body to grow it. Running is a demanding physical task. It increases your heart rate immediately and hence more pumping of blood. Running puts specific pressure on your bones and muscles which triggers release of Growth hormone and testosterone. These 2 hormones help in growth of human body.
  4. Play outdoor sports atleast three times a week. Eat protein.
  5. Congrats. Mission Accomplished.