July 1, 2021

5 Gym rituals every gym goer should follow.

By lumb@admin
  1. VISUALISE- Before you leave the house all pumped up to pump some iron, spare a minute to visualise how your gym session will go today step by step. This prepares your body. (Don’t worry if you don’t follow the visualised order in the gym).
  2. WALK, JOG OR RUN TO YOUR GYM- If your gym is not that far away then you should consider walking, jogging or running to your gym. This will save your warm up time and you will enter in all guns blazing.
  3. Stretching- Don’t forget this. This will prevent you from all the possible injuries that could happen to your body in the gym. Before and after workout stretching are must. Like Michael Jordan, you can do it after every set as well.
  4. Hydration- You have to have liquid in the rest time while working out.
  5. Nutrition- Don’t eat carbs immediately after your workout is over. Cool down first, dry yourself and when you feel that all your body systems are at ease, eat protein and good fat.