July 9, 2021

By doing this 1 thing, you will never ever have heel pain

By lumb@admin

Whether you are a male or a female you must have had heel pain at some point in your life. Did you ever wonder why you get heel pain while walking, running and not the other part of the body aches. Most people also get heel pain by prolong sitting in only one position. Heel pain in sitting position occurs due to lack of blood flow to the lower part of the leg. Most females feel heel pain because of their high heel sandals which puts lot of pressure on the arches of their feet.

If the heel pain is not addressed at the right time it might lead to a very detrimental situation where one has to go through surgery as well. Most people ignore heel pain thinking that it might go away on its own and there is nothing to worry about.

At times osteoporosis and lack of estrogen in females also causes heel pain. Accumulation of toxicity or accumulation of lactic acid can also cause heel pain. These days obesity is the main reason of heel pain in most of the males and females around the world. Lack of blood flow and lack of vitamin d and calcium also causes heel pain in certain individuals.

Though there are so many ways in which you can reduce your heel pain but the one method that you can use anywhere whether you are at work or at home or whether you are sitting somewhere is stretching.

The Achilles tendon which is a tendon of the calf muscle that inserts itself at the base of the calcaneus bone of the ankle gets shortened due to continuous use and without rest. Since muscles of the human body have got elastic property it is advisable that humans should stretch their muscles to bring back the original shape and flexibility of each muscle. Calf muscle is not an exception. It can also be stretched and brought back to its original shape and flexibility. In order to avoid heel pain one must stretch calf muscle everyday.

Proper rest, nutrition, tablets of vitamin d and calcium, compact shoes, silicone shoes may also help in reduction of heel pain to a great extent. Ultrasonic therapy in physiotherapy and injection of hyaluronic acid also helps in reduction of heel pain. Significant reduction in body weight can also lead to relief of heel pain.