July 8, 2021

6 ways to help you get rid of lower back pain

By lumb@admin

Have you ever heard of cows, buffaloes, cats, dogs or for that matter any of the quadruped animals have had back pain? No, not yet. Then why is it that only human beings have back pain? Well, the answer lies in our upright posture. We stand on two feets and the line of gravity which is the line that decides the balance of a human body passes through sacrum i.e, S2 vertebrae of the human body. The whole weight of the human body falls at S2 in order to maintain the balance of the body. Hence, whether a human being is standing ,walking ,sleeping ,running or doing any activity that constant pressure at S2 causes severe lower back pain.

Here are six ways in which you can get rid of back pain easily-

1)- ice pack/ hot pack- They help in increase of the blood flow at the point of their placement. Since blood contains natural pain relievers, application of hot packs and ice pack reduces the low back pain.

2)- ointments and muscle relaxants- They contain a chemical called diclofenac sodium which is a natural muscle relaxant. If the muscles are relaxed then the tension in the muscles reduces and hence, low back pain goes away.

3)- stretching- We use our body whole day but rarely do we realise that are body needs to be in proper shape and condition in order to be pain free. Our muscles have elastic property but their continuous use makes them stiff. Hence, stretching is considered very important for human muscles because it brings them back to their original shape and flexibility of those muscles are restored.

4)- strengthening- strengthening of core muscles leads to less fatigue. The strong core muscles can easily absorb the continuous pressure. Hence, the core muscles provide better stability to spine and human beings can remain mobile for a longer period of time without feeling lower back pain.

5)- exercise and nutrition- They help in keeping the core muscle mass intact. If the muscle mass is intact and strong, it absorbs the stress and humans feel no back pain.

6)- flat belly- a pot belly puts a lot of pressure at the back by creating pull at the spine. Hence, a flat belly is ideal shape for a human being as it eases the tension at the back and reduces the lower back pain.

Congratulations. Mission Accomplished.